Monday, August 23, 2010

Shop Local: Austin

Austin, Texas is one of my favorite places I've never been to. That might seem strange, but allow me to explain. I've known so many people who've visited the southern metropolis, and everything they say about it makes me want to visit more and more. Since my wallet is a bit thin at the moment, I figured I would take a virtual trip there instead, by way of some Etsy talent. And boy, did they did not disappoint.

This shop has some of the cutest cards and stationary I've ever seen. There are so many designs to choose from, and everything has such a clean design, with great colors and snazzy prints.

The jewelry in this shop is absolutely gorgeous. With a huge variety of colored beads and settings, there's seriously something for everyone in this shop.

"Unique wearable art" is what makes up this shop. That description could not be more accurate. Everything in the shop is inspired by nature and so original. Buy something from this shop and you're sure to have a piece that will turn a lot of heads. 

Need a professional looking, sturdy, stylish bag for any occasion? This shop is the perfect spot for purses, messenger bags, and more. There are a bunch of colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from - I don't even know which I'd choose to buy first!

It's back to school season, and this shop has some of the cutest customized school supplies I have ever seen! ...not to mention the adorable jewelry and other wearable art. 

This shop has some really, really eye-catching abstract art. I love the colors and the patterns and pretty much everything about them. Any of these would definitely make for a great conversation starter in any room.

And finally, this shop has the most feminine and cute clothing and accessories. All of the photos are so fun and happy, it makes me want to find any excuse to put on one of their adorable sundresses and drink mimosas in the garden.

So that's Austin! I'm not sure where I'm headed for next month's Shop Local post. Where do you think I should visit next?


  1. i wish i went to austin when i went to texas. but next time, definitely! :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. i've lived in the austin area most of my life... i love it here! my only gripe is that it gets too hot here for me (i'm originally from ohio) :p. you picked some awesome talent for this post - i'm excited you chose maoiliosa to be featured! thanks so much!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to all those amazing shops, located right here in Austin - I had not yet found them before...wooo hoo!
    I am honored to be among them - and YES! Austin is really fabulous.
    I was raised in Dallas, and have lived in Minneapolis & Boston as well....there is NO place like Austin. Can I hear an "Amen!?"

    (This is Robie from

  4. Thank you kindly for including our letterpress goods in your post. What a treat! You are right, Austin is super awesome. Incredibly hot, but a great city. We are delighted you acquainted us with such amazing Austin Etsians, thank you! We're off to check out their lovely shops!

  5. I'm loving your blog & all the fun finds :-)


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