Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Penny Lane Style

Almost Famous is one of my absolute favorite movies, due in no small part to the beautiful Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson. I mostly love her for her attitude, but her style is great too. It's all about over-the-top glamour with hippie accents with Miss Penny. Her clothes make a statement.

Here's my interpretation:


  1. nice outfit :D

    I must say I do agree with the whole style. pretty awesome!

  2. Lovely style!!
    Love the bracelet so much, maybe not the price though ;)

  3. oooh i love the feather earings!

  4. Killer set! Those boots are ridiculously hot! Thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud! : )

  5. oh fantastic interpretation! I especially love that wrap bracelet. Also, kinda reminds me of Rach. Zoe- she's so 70's!


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