Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Geek Crafts

I have some exciting new developments I'm working on here at the good ol' blog. One thing I'm working on is trying to incorporate more of a community atmosphere, and to do so I'm going to utilize some new-to-me tools.

I know a lot of you are crafters, and a lot of you are nerds (just like me!). If you are both of these, I'd like to invite you to join my new flickr group, Geek Crafts.

The purpose of the group is simply to share our geeky diy projects with each other. I'll pick some favorites from the group every so often and share them here, of course with credit to you and a link to your site if you'd like.

I really hope we can build this community and create more of a geeky presence in the handmade community. We need to represent!


  1. I love the hats on your flickr. So cute.

  2. OMG love it I wish I could knit a R2 D2 ....I wish I could knit period. Love this will have to join flicker and be part of the group I like to paint thing's like jackets and t-shirts x
    That pac man ring is bloody fab xxxx

  3. omg i want to learn how to knit so i can make my own r2d2!!!

  4. These are so cute and creative! Love the hat!!

    Amazing blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy xxx

  5. Great idea! Reading your blog makes me wish I could knit so badly!

  6. That R2D2 knit is driving me crazy! I must have it for my boyfriend! :D


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