Friday, July 23, 2010

Shop Local: Boulder

I've never been to Boulder (or Colorado for that matter), but I've heard nothing but good things about it. So when I went to look for some Etsy shops from this community, I had high expectations. Let's just say I was not disappointed.

Beautiful. Sophisticated. Simple. The jewelry in this shop just looks so classy and classic. I'll take one of everything, please.

Birds, trees, folk art - this shop has the most adorable pillows I've seen in a long time.

The geographic art in this shop is so intricate. Each and every design is so carefully crafted, and it looks amazing!

The photos in this shop are so pretty and feminine. There are some from nature, some inspired by animals, but all of them are just beautiful.

This shop has so many great paintings, both still lifes and abstract designs. Everything is so colorful and well-done. I actually thought her still lifes were photos at first glance.

Next month, I'm heading to Austin, TX. If you hail from this Southern Metropolis and you have an Etsy shop you'd like me to include, send me an email -


  1. wowza these shops are stunning! great post Annie. happy weekend luv:)

  2. ohh i'm a big fan of blue hour designs and amelia kay! thanks for sharing annie! have a great weekend! and i'm soo jealous you're going to austin - LOVE that city!

  3. I LOVE Abby Creek Art!
    what a great post!
    :) melissa

  4. Boulder Colorado is a town filled with artists and innovative folks...this post shows that! Many thanks for pulling it together, Georgianne at Nestle and Soar.

  5. Shops are nice! Your blog is super adorable! You got yourself a new follower =). I love your Pokemon Hat of the week posts haha

  6. I love those pillows! So adorable. Your blog is great!

    Come check out mine and my current headband giveaway giveaway :-)


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