Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I had a really good day yesterday

I mean, I have pretty good days every day, but yesterday was just a bit more awesome than the rest of the days. Here's the run-down.

I woke up around 7, and immediately began working on some freelance work for a local newspaper. I make a deal with myself that whenever I finish writing a 1/4 ad, I can take an internet break for 10 minutes. During one of these breaks, I checked my bloglines feed. I'm scrolling through the goodness that is CraftZine, and stumble across my face!

Yep, that's me, dressed as Slinky Dog, in CraftZine, something I've read daily for years. It was pretty neat. While I was on this awesome-kick, I decided to see if I could keep the streak going, so I went over to Tumblr.  And there was me again, on the Pixar Movies Tumblr

I know, I'm pretty easily amused, but it's the little things in life that make it so much fun. Oh, and speaking of (not) little, my big fat lovable dog is featured on The Curious Pug this week. Max is getting a bit of a diva complex now that he's on the internet and stuff.

So there you go. That was my good day - all thanks to a slinky and a crappy photobooth picture I took on my couch.


  1. That photo is totally adorable. I'm having sort of a bad day so I enjoyed reading about your good one.

  2. haha thats awesome! sweet hat and now youre kinda famous !:)

  3. That's so AWESOME Annie! My day is kind of going in the direction of being quite "blah" because of some news I got last night, but it always lifts my spirits a little when someone I know that is sweet has a good day.


    p.s. would you be interested in writing a guest post for my blog?

  4. you look adorable in that picture and congrats to you for being featured on not 1 but 2 sites! yay for you! and yay for your pup!!!

  5. this slinky dog hat iiiis pretty much amazing... :D

  6. I love your slinky hat. My daughter is having a Toy Story themed birthday party and I thought I'd dress like you. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to make Slinky's backend. I mainly crochet, but can knit as well.


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