Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Art Tour

Today I have a really fun post lined up. This is an "Art Tour" from Elizabeth of EV Photo Chic. She shows her art displays in her home. I love this layout because it is so clean and classic (and we both have a love for all things IKEA).

You can see more at her blog. I was really inspired by this post, and I think I'm going to share my creative space with you all soon. I'd also like to see the parts of your home that keep you inspired. Send photos to anne.pilon@gmail.com and maybe I'll make it a new feature!

I'll be back later with a new feature - a "5 minute DIY project." So fun and easy. I'm excited!

1 comment :

  1. i love how clean and colorful this looks together. i need to totally revamp my house. however i am not visionary...well i don't even know if that is the problem. i would have a vision but then when i go shopping i would just start throwing things i like in the cart and nothing would match. my fiance calls it a hot mess. :( its hard to focus...so i'd have some teal, some purple, some pinks...boo. :)haha.


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