Monday, June 14, 2010

Game Time

Happy Monday! I hope the weekend treated you well. I had a pretty productive one. I listed some new items on Etsy (finally), and I came up with a fun new feature for my shop. 

Since most of my items are hats that look like animals or characters of some kind, I decided they should have names. I do like naming things, but I thought it might be more fun if I let some friends in on the action as well. So this week, I started using Twitter as a tool for naming my new items. I simply post a picture of each new hat, and ask my followers to come up with a name. The first to respond wins, and I put their twitter username in the listing. So far, I've got an owl named Twickenham, an elephant named Weebles, and a chick named Eggy Gaga

I have some old hats that are currently listed that I'd also like to name. If you have an idea, comment on this post and leave your twitter username so I can credit you in the listing. Here they are: 

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  1. fun! i love that you got your readers in on the action! have you sold weebles yet? you must let me know when you do:)


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