Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Words and Tricks: Call for Submissions

Dear blogland friends,

If you'll recall, I've posted about my literary/fine arts journal, Words and Tricks, in the past. I know many of you are creative and are looking for more outlets to display your creative works. Words and Tricks is looking for some more people just like you to submit work to our Summer 2010 edition.

What we're looking for:
Pretty much anything you can create that is unique, original and artistic. Artwork that is in the actual zine is put into the following categories: short fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art and photography. So if you can write it, paint it, draw it, or photograph it, you should also submit it. We also do take multimedia submissions (i.e. music and video).  Though we can't really publish that to the zine, we have a section of the website dedicated to those forms of art. And if you have some other creative outlet that I didn't mention, don't hesitate to submit it anyway, and we'll consider adding a new category. Or if you're not sure if your work counts, just ask.

How to submit:
First, please visit the submissions page for the formal template and guidelines. All works are due by June 1 via email to

Then what?
We'll notify you via email if your works have been published. It will take us about two weeks to get everything together for the issue. Then you can view your art in all its glory next to other work from creative people around the country.

Thanks for listening to my spiel. I look forward to seeing your submissions!



  1. This is really cool!
    I love all forms of art so I'd love to submit something, but I don't know what media I would use yet. :)

  2. Anything! You can even submit multiple forms if you want. Anything goes :)

  3. Lovely ideas! I looked through your first edition and found many interesting and lovely words, pictures and other art!

    Will be back! Lovely blog!


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