Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I Want Wednesday: Sunshine!

It has been so rainy and gray here for the past few days. It's quite depressing. So this Wednesday, all I want is for Mother Nature to give the outdoors a little pick-me-up. If not today, then preferably by this weekend for my trip to Chi-town. I'd really appreciate it if my entire weekend was not ruined by weather.

I always look forward to summer so much. I'm not exactly a fan on 80+ degree weather because I don't like sweating as soon as I walk out the door, but I do enjoy hanging out in my backyard, going to the beach, taking walks, and lots of other fun summertime things.

I hope it's a little warmer and sunnier wherever you are. And I hope you're having a great week! What are some of the things you love about summer?


  1. that picture makes me wish i was back in California again. it's may and it's still so cold outside here in Provo, GROSS

    cute blog btw :)


  2. There's so many things I love about summer - the beautiful, colourful, intense sunsets, the gelato and the beaches. Also, people tend to be more happier and pleasant during the summer.

    Wishing you a fab week!

  3. Ugh, I'll trade! I am in is nothing BUT sun and heat all the time! But I do hope you get some nice weather!

    Also, I left a little award on my blog for you, just for fun:]


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