Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother-Daughter Etsy Love

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms out there! I hope you are having a fun-filled day with family and friends and food. I have a very special artist interview today. Brenda and Kristi are a mother-daughter team with two Etsy shops - one handmade and one vintage. I think it is so great that they can work together to create and run a business. Here's what they had to say.

A bit about us:
We are a mother (Brenda) and daughter(Kristi) team.  We have two etsy shoppes - which we opened in October 2007 and which we opened in January 2010. JoyAnna is for our handmade creations and some supplies and, of course, MorningGloryVintage has our vintage items.

How did we get started crafting:
I learned to embroider at my mother's knee when I was about 6 years old and loved it immediately.  My mother sewed most of my clothes and made many quilts. So I learned to sew and be crafty at a young age.  My mother passed on her  sewing genes to me and I, in turn, passed them on  to Kristi as she started sewing and being creative at a young age also, much to my delight! 

When her girls were younger she and I both made clothes for them and were members of a local craft/art co-op where we could sell our creations for a fee in exchange for volunteering  to work there on a regular basis. The co-op finally closed because not enough people were participating,  Then we heard of ETSY so this gave us another outlet.  We also do several festival/ shows every year and these have been a very good venue for us.

We also love to go to auctions, thrift stores, estate sales and antiquing and accumlated so much stuff that we had to start a vintage shop to  share our finds with others, change our decor occasionally and give us a good excuse to buy more!

What inspires us: 
God's Love and Beautiful Nature - flowers, trees, colors, positive people, beautiful fabrics, threads, buttons, laces, trims, books.

Our ideas are endless, unfortunately our time is not!  We do have families to care for! We both enjoy the creative process and it makes us Happy.  We thank God for this every day!!!  We cannot "not create!"

Goals for the future of our business and creative endeavors:
First and formost I believe the future goals for both of us is just to enjoy our creativity and hopefully be a blessing to God to all of God's other children.    We want to add Beauty and Positivity to this world  by using these gifts that God has given us.  We want to" Let Our Light Shine and not hide it under a bushel basket!"

Do you have any advice for other crafters/artists?
Just follow your heart - make things you enjoy making - be positive - never give up - get up each morning, thank God for the day and do the very best you can do with the gifts He has given you and the help He is constantly giving you.  If you do these things, I beleive success, appreciation, and sells will follow.  Just talk to God about everything - no fancy language, just talk like you are talking to your best friend, which you are.

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