Friday, May 7, 2010

Momma's Day Gift Guide

I hope you're all excited to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend! I'm sure many of you already have gifts picked out, but for you procrastinators (I include myself in this group) I've put together a list of gift ideas that I think your mom might enjoy.

{for the practical mom}
This large, gray purse is perfect for your mom to hold all of that... well... whatever she keeps in there. My mom is always looking for a new purse, since hers is always overflowing with unknown stuff. {from marbled}

{for the animal lover}
How adorable is this rustic cottage bird house? This would be such an amazing and unique gift for a mom who loves animals or enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors. It would look so adorable in my mom's backyard. {from shellqc}

{for the funny mom}
Scented candles are usually a nice but somewhat generic gift. So if your mom really likes receiving candles (or really, really likes bacon) these bacon-scented candles might be just the gift you're looking for. While I'm not actually a huge fan of bacon, I can't help but be endlessly amused by this gift. It's so original and you're sure to make mom laugh when she thinks she's about to get a whiff of mocha or caramel and instead sniffs some greasy, delicious breakfast meat instead. {from Kittredge Candles}

{for the sentimental mom}
How stinkin' cute is this mama and baby bird vase? I think my mom might tear up a little bit if I were to give this to her. It's so beautifully simple but symbolic. It's something your mom is sure to keep forever. {from Red Hot Pottery}

{for the busy mom}
Out of all the categories, this is the one my mom fits into the most. She works so hard all the time, and sometimes it's nice just to pamper yourself after a difficult day. That's where this french vanilla coffee scrub comes into play. What could be better after a 12+ hour day than relaxing with some coffee scented scrub? I sure can't think of anything... {from CreativeHands}

{for the hip mom}
What's a hipster without some polaroids? However, these Polaroid prints from Alli Lucy are just sweet and subtle enough for mom - love those deer! She has a few different sizes and sets to choose from. Such a cute, customizable gift. (hint: scroll down to the next post for more of her photos) {from OPB Studios}

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