Monday, May 17, 2010

Giveaway Extension

I'm baaaaaaack! I had a wonderful weekend with my family in Chicago. I ate lots of yummy food and saw a lot of my favorite places. Unfortunately, while I was away I neglected some of my regular business (this blog included), and totally forgot that I had a giveaway going on.

So in light of my forgetfulness, I've decided to extend the deadline for my May Giveaway. It will end on Friday, May 21 at noon. The prize is two art prints, and all the rules are listed on the giveaway post. I'm hoping a few more people will have the opportunity to enter this week.

Note: you need to comment on that post, not this one, to be entered.


  1. oh wow, Chicago... I'm never been in here! I think that it's a wonderful city...

  2. yay for chicago! i love that city :)


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