Saturday, May 8, 2010

Etsy Goal List

I've had my Etsy shop for almost 6 months now. It's been sort of a fun little hobby. I have not taken it very seriously - I just like making things and they all started piling up in my house, so I thought I should try to sell some of them (I use "try" very loosely here).

So I created an Etsy account. I didn't even list anything for several months, because that's how busy I was. But I finally got around to listing some things, and it was fairly fun. My first sale was a great day! I still love getting the occasional sale, but I really don't do anything to promote my shop (aside from the occasional tweet or pressing the "share on facebook" button after creating a listing. I don't hang out in the forums, make treasuries, or even renew my items semi-regularly.

I just never thought of this as much more than a hobby. I figured that all I'd have to do was create a listing, and if it sold - great. And if not, then I guess I get to keep a bunch of funny hats around my house (most of which don't fit me...)

But now I'm making a change. I'm going to start taking Etsy more seriously and I'm going to really, really try to increase my sales and promote my shop. Here's a breakdown of my goals.

Take better photos. I'm going to team up with some people who are better photographers than myself, and my photos are going to be good - not just passable. I know photos are a huge thing, because that's half the reason why I choose the items to feature on my blog. If your item is awesome but your photo is bad, I'm not going to include it. That's just how it works.

List and renew more often. This is huge. Sometimes I just get so lazy that I have several items backed up for weeks and I don't list or renew anything. It's great to get the inspiration to make things, but nothing can sell if you don't list it first. And no one can find your shop if you don't do this regularly. Plus, renewing is so easy, I'm confident I can actually find time to do this.

Submit items to blogs. I've never submitted anything to a blog, the Etsy voter or anything. I read blogs constantly, and I see all the calls for submissions, but somehow I never get around to it. It goes on my long list and by the time I get to it the time has passed. I'm really going to make this a priority now.

Join the community. I don't think I'm going to live in the forums or wait around daily for treasuries (I'm not even totally sure how they work, to be honest) but I vow that I will check the forums more often, and I will create at least one treasury this month. (P.S. might need some advice on that one...)

Work on SEO. As a former marketing student, I'm absolutely ashamed of the state of my shop and it's SEO. I don't think I mention anything about what I sell in my shop announcement, and I haven't even connected it to Google Shopping. How basic.

Seek advice. Does anyone have any other tips for me? What do you do to promote your shop and its items? I'm open to whatever, because I'm not an expert by any stretch. So I appreciate any tips and tricks you'd like to share.


  1. sorry, no advice to offer, but good luck!
    i'm going to open an etsy shop this summer. looking forward to learning what you do :)

  2. Congratulations on taking the best first step and having a plan!!
    I think you have covered most of the important etsy things to do, just remember that although the forums can be a wealth of advice, a lot of it is conflicting and can confuse you!
    Stick to your plan and your good to go ;)

    Good luck!!

    Micki x

  3. I don't have an Etsy Shop, but your goals definitely sound like you're on the right track.

    Good luck!



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