Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I Want Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello blog friends. The weather in Michigan is rather gloomy today, but lately it's been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. To celebrate the awesome weather, I've been wearing lots and lots of dresses. So this week's What I Want Wednesday post is dedicated to those girly frocks we all love to wear.

Pink Polka Dot Dress by shrististudio

Orange Blossom Dress from Anthropologie

Valentine Dress from THIMBLEandACORN

Halter Eyelet Dress from Target

Plaid Petals Dress by FeminineFashions

I hope you enjoy some of these finds. What other ways do you like to celebrate the changing of the seasons?


  1. They are all adorable! Anthro rocks my world. I am wondering if it is ageless...

  2. awww these are all great finds! i love the first two dresses the best!

  3. I celebrate the season by spending my free time outdoors. Last week it was warm enough in Chicago to play tennis! These dresses are really cute (love anthropology) and I can't wait to break out my Springtime dresses soon ;)

  4. Love the dresses, esp. the first one. Good for you - wearing lovely dresses this gorgeous weather. It has been warm and beautiful (even had to put on shorts) here in Northwest Ga, Southwestern NC for about a week but, alas it is suppose to get cool/cold again - this will be what we call the "Dogwood Squal".
    Brenda of JoyAnna

  5. That first dress is awesome! Reminds me of I Love Lucy =]

  6. I love dresses and warm weather to wear them in. The first one is fantastic


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