Thursday, April 29, 2010

Later, Lady

I've said it before - we all have our guilty pleasures. One of mine is definitely American Idol. If you're also a fan, then you probably know that this wacky gal went home last night.

She definitely had some pipes, but I most admired her for her really really courageous wardrobe. I can't say I would ever wear 90% of her getups, but she definitely wore her crazy garments with pride - and you've gotta admire that.

So farewell, Siobhan. I'm sure I'll be seeing you and your Motown jams and cutoff denim vests around the music world.


  1. she rocked the 90's florals like no other!

  2. Wow i really love her dress and her shoes! So pretty! Xoxo

  3. i found myself wanting to see what she'd do next but she just sounded horrible on tuesday. ah well life goes on! hehe

  4. Yeah, she had a few bad weeks, but at least she was interesting.

  5. oh man i haven't caught up with american idol this season! i usually just watch at the very end to see who the winner is, just so i am in the loop at least hehe! =)

  6. i loved her crazy clothes and hair! But most of all how she pulled off a nose ring, i could never master that one without the dreaded bull look!


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