Friday, April 9, 2010

I have a confession to make

...I'm a total Sex and the City addict. I know that's not a very 'out there' confession - there are tons of people just like me.

But now the SATC girls are getting older and the stories seem to be getting a little far-fetched. I mean, it seems like the new movie is going to take place mostly outside of NYC. How is that even possible?

But will I stop watching? Not a chance. This is one of those franchises that I'll follow til the end, no matter how many times it jumps the Minolo-wearing shark. So have fun in Abu Dhabi, ladies. I'll be seeing you soon.

If you're a SATC freak like me, or if you're just curious about the new movie, check out the latest trailer here.  Oh, and did I mention: Aiden is BACK!!!


  1. Oh, I love them too! I can't wait for the new movie. I watch over and over every episode of the series. It's so inspiring, the look, the clothes, the attitude... I like to dream that's possible.

  2. AIDEN! my heart jumped a little when i saw that! i cant wait to see it either!


    xx Love & Aloha

  4. I was excited for the sequel until I saw that Aiden was coming back. Now I'm fucking thrilled! He was always my favorite :)

  5. i can't wait to watch it! although at times it just feels that the producers are just cashing in on the tele series's popularity. i'll gladly be a sucker only to see what Carrie shall wear next! =)


  6. I'm so excited for the film! I am not reading anything about it. I'm not watching anything on it. No trailers no nothing. I am saving myself for the film!!!! Cool blog xx


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