Friday, April 2, 2010

April showers bring cute umbrellas

Okay, so I need to work on my rhyming skills. I never claimed to be a poet. BUT, I do claim to be a fan of cute vintage umbrellas, and that's exactly what I'll be sharing with you here today for Vintage Finds Friday. Though I hope you won't need them much this spring (fingers crossed), these umbrellas are so pretty! Take a gander.

Persimmon Tassel Umbrella from jessjamesjake ($48)

Very Retro Umbrella from PeaceTraveler ($20)

Poppy Umbrella from CHICaDees ($45)

Retro Umbrella from SagePatch ($15.89)
   *you can also visit her blog*

Art Deco Umbrella from Another Time Antiques ($39)

I've never actually had a cute umbrella. I used to live in Chicago, so all my umbrellas got flipped inside out as soon as I walked outside anyway. Maybe now that I'm in a slightly less windy location, it's time to invest in a lovely one like these. Hmm...

Well, I hope you're all getting ready for a great weekend! (Or maybe it's already the weekend for you?) Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! I'll be sharing some Easter goodies this weekend I'm sure.

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