Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Okay, so I'm really not good at April Fools pranks, mostly because I always forget that it's April 1. For a fleeting moment I contemplated doing some really complicated and awesome prank using this blog, but I don't really have the time, energy, and creative juices left to come up with such a clever plot. Plus, I found some really funny Etsy items that I'd like to share with you instead.

lolwut Embroidered Art by itsastitch

Mr. T Cross Stitch by Defiant Damsel

Nom Nom Napkins by the paper hat

French Pig Wall Art by Creations by Eileen

Handlebar Mustache by Glorious Hats

This holiday really is a lot of fun. I hope some of you are better at remembering the date than I am. And I hope you have some awesome pranks planned!


  1. Happy April!!
    I suck at pranks so bad.
    Enjoy your day....I dig that stache!!

  2. Thanks for the feature! You rock!

    I really adore your Sunny Day hat :-)

    BTW - itsastitch = awesome
    I'm wearing one of her necklaces right now and couldn't be happier :-)

  3. Oh Yes! It is fun to laugh, and what a pleasure to have my excessive mustashes help you bring out the grins. Thanks so much for finding me and for having stache fun. :{D

  4. Hehe, this is amazing! Plus, I <3 DefiantDamsel and CreationsByEileen, so happy to be included with them in these, very nice :D

  5. I actually completely, entirely forgot that April Fools ever even existed. I was even wondering why another blogger was lying about her water breaking and all.

    And then I finally noticed another blog entitled "Happy April Fools"... and then I felt kind of scared. I hate pranks.

  6. Fun fun Fun stuff! I love the napkins.

    Happy April Fools Annie!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. That's the spirit. If you can't beat them, join them right. I added you to my bloglist today.

  8. hi! :D this is so cute!
    I love the nom nom one! :D

    I am now following you, follow me too yah?

    thanks! :D

  9. that wall art with pig is to die for.
    Happy holidays


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