Saturday, March 6, 2010

Your Organ Grinder

I was never that into science when I was in school. I tried to minimize my contact with it in high school and I went to an art school for college, so you can imagine how basic my science classes were there. But now that I'm not forced to learn about elements and genetics and the solar system, I find myself fascinated with all those topics.

So I love love love when creative people take scientific things and create something really awesome and artsy with them. Etsy shop Your Organ Grinder is a perfect example. You might think that felt body parts aren't really a necessity, but you haven't seen these yet.

I could never come up with ideas like these. I'm glad someone did though. All these items are so hilarious and original. They'd make neat gag gifts and conversation starters. Check them out!


  1. wow! great find on Etsy, those are too funny..! ps i love your blog design :D


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