Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I Want Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've mentioned before that I've got a bit of a nerdy streak. And by "a bit," I mean that I own a lightsaber and a Harry Potter wand and that's pretty much the most normal thing about me. So for this week's What I Want Wednesday, I'm highlighting some of my favorite Etsy items with a nerdy twist. Enjoy!

Jewelry from Just Duckie Designs

This seller has some really cool silver jewelry inspired by Harry Potter and Glee - both of which happen to be favorites of mine. She also gets extra nerd points for listing her location as "Ravenclaw Common Room." How's that for nerd pride?

Silver Element Ring by Polymath

So I don't really know much about the periodic table of elements, but I do think that this silver ring with the atomic symbol is very clever. It makes me wish I was a science wiz. 

Pillows from Craftsquatch

I love love love these pillows. Any tech nerd would truly appreciate a Gmail or Adobe pillow hanging out on their bed or couch. This shop has a really good variety of them too. There's something for pretty much every internet junkie.

Alright, I'm going to stop for the day, before I out-nerd myself. I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! What kind of nerdy items are on your wishlist?


  1. I love the Horcrux necklace. These are all brilliant. (:


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