Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Blog Changes

So I've only had this blog for a few weeks, and I'm already making changes. Hey, I'm an artist - I can't help it.

The biggest change is the blog header. Here's the original. I think it's cute, but I was never married to it. I just had it up there while I thought of something better.

Here's the new one. I think it looks cool and I like the colors, but I'm not sure if it really personifies what this blog is all about. Thoughts? I think I'm going to continue to work on something else, but this one works for now.

I'm also adding some neat little buttons so you can easily link to this blog if you so choose. (I had to bring back the banana)

I also added a neat patterned background and just cleaned up the sidebar a bit to make things a little easier on the eyes. I hope you like the changes, but I'm open to any suggestions if you have them :) I'm sure I'll continue to change things pretty frequently because that's just how I am.


  1. Ooh - I love all of the changes! Obsessed with the background... I too am new to the blogging world and am in desperate need of a makeover... you have inspired me to start sooner than later!


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