Monday, March 22, 2010

Pick Your Polaroid

Last week I mentioned my love for Polaroid photos. Now I've discovered a Polaroid photo contest through Blur Magazine that has some really awesome finds.

Unfortunately, these photos have to be actual Polaroids and not digitally altered ones - and I discovered a little too late about the contest. But there are some really neat photos on the voting page. I encourage you to all check them out. I had a really hard time choosing a favorite. But I'm really wishing for summer right now, so I voted for this one:

I have sunglasses just like those. Now I can't wait for the sun to make its triumphant return.


  1. It's such a happy day for Polaroid! Did you see the new film at The Impossible Project site?

  2. I didn't (until you mentioned it). Certainly is a good day for Polaroid!


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