Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lovely Weekend Egg Covers

Happy weekend, lovelies! ...what's left of it anyway. I've been so so busy this weekend, working on custom orders and some freelance writing gigs. So I *almost* forgot to do a lovely weekend post! (I know that would have just ruined your entire week, right?)

Well, a few days ago I took a little break from my hectic schedule to decorate my house for Easter. We don't get too crazy for any holidays other than Christmas, but I do have a few cute spring items. These handmade chickadee egg covers were included in the mix. I believe they were crocheted by my grandma. Very cute. Enjoy!

Oh, and I've got a really awesome giveaway package to unveil tomorrow, since I'm currently at 99 followers. Someone hurry up and fill that #100 spot!!


  1. ha ha ha I love this! How adorable.

    p.s. Be sure to enter my Peruvian Feather Earring GIVEAWAY at


  2. Oh my gosh Annie! This is just too adorable.. how can I get one of these?? Did you make them? So super cute.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. so cute!! lol sometimes things that are cute with no purpose whatsoever are so fun!
    i'm follower 101, whoo hoo! love your profile pic so much!

  4. Mel, thanks so much for following!
    Sharonlei, I believe my grandma made them. I'm thinking about trying to re-create the pattern though. And thanks!

  5. aww the little chicks are so cute
    amazing blog


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