Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shop Local: Detroit

Howdy, Blog-readers! I hope you're having a lovely week. Today I'm starting a new feature here called Shop Local. I hope to eventually come up with a snazzier title than that (so if you have any bright ideas, please share), but for now we're going with the straight forward name.

Anywho, Shop Local is just a compilation of finds from shops in a certain geographic area. Today we're starting with my hometown of Detroit. If you don't live here (or even if you do), you might think there's really not much of note going on here in the Motor City. You may be right in certain respects, but there's definitely a spunky creative community here and you can be sure that the artists here have a fighting spirit and a passion for what they do.

So if you're a Detroiter or just someone who wants to support the artists of Motown, take a look at some of these incredibly talented artists and their work.

White Owl

I really love White Owl's unique lace jewelry designs. They use upcycled and reclaimed materials in most of their products, which makes them even cooler.

Little Paper Boutique

Little Paper Boutique is a shop that sells personalized stationery, cards and other paper goods. They even carry gift tags and recipe cards. This shop caught my eye because of the clean-looking, colorful designs. Take a peek at the shop for more.

Tree Paintings

The name of this shop pretty much gives away what they sell. Yes, Tree Paintings sells tree paintings, very beautiful tree paintings, I might add. Some of them are just trees and some of them are specific trees (some of those trees being from Michigan!) So if you like trees and paintings and especially if you like paintings of trees, definitely take a look at Tree Paintings.

Peanut Tree Designs

I really enjoy Peanut Tree's simple textiles and eco-friendly knits. I love her shop description: "As a mom, I need things that are practical and durable. As a designer, I need things that look cool. As a resident on this planet, I need things that are kind and gentle on the environment." That pretty much says it all! 


Melissa has some really neat knit accessories in her shop. Hats, scarves, bags - all of her products are so unique and sure to get you noticed.

So that's all for Detroit (for now). If you have a suggestion for where I should go on my next Shop Local journey (or if you have a more creative title for this feature), please let me know.



  1. what a very cool blog!!!

    follow me at

    i am from michigan too!!

    i love your blog!!!

  2. great lineup! love those white, lacy earrings. so romantic and whimsical. :)

  3. Great post..i really like the jewellery by white owl..just divine!

  4. beautiful! i love supporting locals :)

  5. Wow, gorgeous stuff! I love this feature idea; it's really fantastic.


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