Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paper Bangles

So I'm kicking off the very first Tutorial Tuesday with a really neat project. These paper covered bangles are really simple to make and they're so cute and unique. It's a really quick tutorial and you probably already have most of the supplies laying around your house. So let's get started, shall we?


  • wooden bangle or a plain bracelet of some kind
  • glue
  • a paintbrush
  • paper plate
  • an old book, newspaper, or magazine

  • Take a page from your book or magazine and rip it into thin strips.

  • Pour some glue onto the plate and use the paintbrush to spread it onto one of the strips of paper.

  • Take the glued paper strip and wrap it around the bangle. 

  • Continue until the bangle is covered.

Other Tips:

As you can see, I made my with a page from an antique book, but I also tried to make one from a magazine page. I really like the antique look of the book one, but making one from a magazine can be extra snazzy because you get to play around with colors. I chose to make mine out of a mostly-red page with a little bit of black and leopard print.

The Finished Product:

These are really great accessories for everyday wear. I've had a few pairs in the past and I always get compliments on them. It might be beneficial to use some glue or modge podge or something to keep the paper in place and protected. Otherwise, this is a ridiculously cheap and easy way to add some interest to your accessories wardrobe.


  1. hey thanks for following me :)
    I love this idea it's awesome and it looks great in the end!


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