Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dirty Typography

I've always really enjoyed typography, and I'm jealous of those who have the talent to actually design typefaces. It must take an incredible amount of skill to come up with a new design that hasn't already been created (how many fonts are out there, anyway?). So I'm even more impressed by those designers who stick with a creative theme for their typeface. One I haven't seen before (until now) - sex. Yep, you don't normally hear typography and sex in the same sentence, but that's about to change.

Effing Typeface by Alex Merto

This typeface is inspired by all things dirty. So if your mind is stuck in the gutter, you'll really enjoy it - just don't use it to type letters to grandma!

Typosexual Mohawk by Oded Ezer

I don't know how this guy came up with this or what the purpose of it is, but it's incredibly awesome nonetheless.

Typography Body Art from TheTrendyGirl

I'm really not sure what this is all about, to be honest, because the article that accompanies it is in French (and I took Spanish in high school). But the picture is neat, and I encourage you to check out the article if you can read French (let me know what it says).


  1. I don't believe so, but I can't read French so I'm not sure hahaha

  2. I love fonts! I really wish I had gone to school to be a graphic artist... sigh


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