Friday, February 19, 2010

Brooch Love

It's Friday - so you know what that means ...time for some vintage finds!

This week I'm loving brooches. I went to some antique stores this weekend in the "thumb" of Michigan, and there were so many neat brooches there. Some were made to look like flowers or animals, and some were just sparkly and colorful. All of them were beautiful, and when I returned home I found that there were just as many beautiful brooches from vintage sellers on Etsy. Here are some of my favorites.

Leaf Brooch from lemontreefarm ($9.50)

This brooch is so simple yet so classy and unique. It's gold with silver detailing, and I think it would look pretty neat on a black blazer.

Arrogant Owl Brooch from whimsicalvintage ($17)

This little guy seems to have quite the attitude (as the name also suggests). I just love him and his blue lucite belly. It makes him stand out because many mid-century brooches are just rhinestones and shiny metals, so the blue is a great touch.

Rhinestone Brooch from rustycharm ($18)

This brooch is very classy looking, but still simple enough to go with almost anything. The dark gray and clear rhinestones look lovely with the silver detailing.

Rhinestone Penguin Brooch from 1951Model ($15.25)

This one might just be my favorite, because I have a thing for penguins. It's also just very unique, because you tend to see a lot of hummingbirds, beetles, and flower brooches, but this is probably the first penguin I've seen. The black with the gold and clear rhinestones make this a really unique statement piece.

Copper Flower Brooch from AestheticsAndOldLace ($24)

This brooch is so unique because the copper and the royal blue stone just offset each other so nicely. And many brooches stick with gold and sometimes silver, but this copper is really a nice change.

Emerald Green Rhinestone Brooch from TheWaterFairy ($75)

These shades of green caught my eye right away. This is a pretty classic style, but it is definitely eye-catching.

Frog Pin from NewYorkMarketplace ($10.95)

This pin is so unique and so beautiful - it's definitely one of my favorites. The emerald green eyes really look great with the silvertone body, and it looks to be in excellent condition.

So those are my favorite vintage finds for today. I'm looking for a new theme for next week's Vintage Finds Friday, so if you have any vintage category or item you'd like to see featured, just leave it in the comments! 

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