Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boots and Bows

I blogged last week about how I cannot wait for spring because I want to celebrate with pretty, feminine, floral dresses. While it's not quite the same without the flowers and sunshine, it is possible to stay feminine and stylish even in the blistering winter months. All you need is a great pair of girly boots.

I chose boots with bows, because I think bows are a great way to stay feminine without being too flashy and over-the-top (I also have a thing for bows right now). I'm all for expressing yourself and picking original statement pieces, but I really don't need a box of sequins or an entire raccoon on my feet. Thanks.

  1. White Mountain Flirt - ($50)
  2. Bonjour - ($12)
  3. Balenciaga Shoes -
  4. Flipsy Bootie - ($155)
  5. Corsage Ankle Boot -
  6. VanityBeauty Puff Balls and Ribbons Boots - ($140)
So what pieces are on your wish list for the remainder of winter?

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