Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ain't to proud to beg

So I've never done a giveaway before (I know this blog is pretty new, but I've never done one on a previous blog either), but it does seem like a fun way to get people involved. Unfortunately, seeing as this is a new blog, I don't want to do a giveaway if no one is going to enter. So I decided yesterday that I will wait until this blog reaches 100 followers, and then I'll come up with some kind of epic prize to offer.

That's right - double whammy! Not only will it ensure that someone will actually enter my giveaway, but it will also bribe new people to follow this blog (insert evil laugh here). Yep, I won't beg you to follow me, but I will bribe you!

In all seriousness, I have this blog because I love design and I love to write and I hope someone out there gets some kind of enjoyment from reading or looking at this blog. And in just the two short weeks that this blog has been around, 21 (I think) of you have already started following. So even if this blog never reaches 100 followers, I'll keep doing it because I love it (but the world will never know what kind of epic prize I have up my sleeves).

Anyway, thanks to all of you wonderful people who follow this blog or even stop by occasionally and take a look around. I really do appreciate it.

If you are interested in a giveaway, take a look at my shop ( to see what kinds of things I make. I'm not going to necessarily narrow it down to one of the products that I sell, but if you like a certain category or type of item, let me know!


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